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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 29, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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national attention. we have chopper shots of the scene. it's just two blocks from here. police are focusing their efforts on the greenhouse here on masonic that is 1106 and 1108, a construction crew say they are filling a hole that the police dug between the houses. the sealed search warrant is related to the collins case is all the police will say. they followed hundreds of tips in the case, and the neighborhood said they still remember the fear in the community when the child went missing t they are conducting some kind of search, digging into the ground between the two houses, just two blocks away from where kevin collins was last seen. we will be following it closely tonight and bring you an update at 6:00, reporteding live, nbc bay area news.
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>> we remember that case well. kevin collins would have turned 39 years old last week. thank you. >> san jose police have arrested two more suspects in connection with the home invasion robbery of an elderly couple. a total of three men behind bars tonight, apparently involved in a three-day crime spree, in all of the crimes, police say that the suspects had weapons and assaulted, every case in san jose. the three men reportedly tied up the couple and ransacked the home. and they stole the cars. the quest for the super bowl championship is on. >> it's the big media day, there are 5,000 media members from all around the world. new orleans, today, peppered the 49ers and the ravens with hundreds of questions.
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some serious questions and others silly, but all of it mandatory for the players and coaches. we have a team reporter in new orleans. including jim kozimore. what did the team have to say today, jim? >> it was a lot of fun out there, they have a lot of fun wit. they know going it it will be a busy day for them, they try the to keep it light hearted. some of the questions may be more hard hitting but media day is fun. but for kaepernick, it was probably a challenge. if someone would have told you that the 49ers would have finished the season in the super bowl, you would have thought that smith was the one to lead them there. after suffering a concussion against the rams he lost his job and he was left to field media day questions about his role on the sidelines. >> is it frustrating? >> no. >> how difficult though, has it been to be in role and watch something. >> we are in the super bowl. you know, this is -- this is a
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great thing. yeah, would i love to be playing? of course. but i'm not -- i don't get to make those decisions and for me, i will not sit and d wmp ell on it, getting ready to go. >> what is your future with this team? >> i got no idea -- no idea, we will talk about that later after the super bowl. >> what about the rumors about your release? >> no idea where will that came from. >> still want to play football? >> of course, yeah, yeah i want to play. >> you have to give credit to alex smith, started the season and now on the bench, has kept a positive attitude and even his head coach saying he has been great for the 49ers. coming up at 6:00, one of colin kaepernick's teammates has taken to kaepernicking. we will show you who that is, i'm jim kozimore, from new orleans, the big easy, back to you. >> thank you, jim, almost looks like the bay bridge behind him there on the mississippi. media day is more than just a
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chance to gwauck, it attracts people with no interest in football. >> it's media day here before the super bowl, and this is quite the event. players being peppered with just about everything. and it's really the spirit of the whole thing. and really, a lot about drumming up as much publicity for america's biggest event, year upon year and doing it with nontraditional sports media, and folks that use the access as a publicity stunt as their own. and here in the dome, the weather channel interviewing 49ers players. >> rickie what do you make of the media day thing, the niners have gone global, you were just being interviewed by the weather channel. >> oh, i didn't even know. it's surprising. 49ers have been a organization going for a long time. played overseas, and now to look
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up at the stands and see people that want to see us do media day. the league is taking over the globe. >> the reason for it is that there are so many different audiences that are interested in the super bowl and in the nfl. so, this a way to bring the players and the coaches to those audiences in a very unique and interesting setting. >> coming up tonight at 6:00, we will spend time with lamichael james. he wins wherever he goes. from high school football in texas and to oregon where where he played in college and now to the niners. back to the studio. >> part of our team there, and it's not often that we have an nfl owner that tweets and flexes. you seeing this? here is 49ers jed york having fun. he tweeted, 49ers players were jealous how swolled up i am during the team pick. yeah, the parents own the team and he has played a huge role in
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spear heading the stadium project. guess who just joined the twitter party? resident and legend joe montana, the four-time super bowl champion opened a twitter account and gained 16,000 followers immediately. in his first tweet, he wished the 49ers good luck in sunday's game. and yes, montana will be in new orleans for the game. we have the biggest and best staff, if we do not say so ourselves. covering the 49ers in new orleans. keep it here on nbc bay area, on air and on line. >> president obama said now is the time to fix broken immigration laws for the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the u.s. he spoke at a spirited campaign style rally in las vegas today. >> we have to layout a path. a process that includes passing a background check. paying taxes, paying a penalty, learning english, and then going to the back of the line behind tall folk who is are trying to come here legally. that is only fair. >> the president won his re-election with 70% of the
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latino vote and that has resulted in a shift toward kpomp miez, but the president vowed to send his own legislation to capitol hill if there's too much delay. >> dozens of people gathered at a church to hear the president's speech today, they didn't just want to hear what he had to say, they also wanted to hear the perspective of their own pastor. a church leader and activist that went to las vegas to hear the speech in person. chris sanches is live in the newsroom, with more on how the message was received. >> i think we start by saying that the folks in the audience were just glad to hear that there's a very real appetite for reform in washington and not just on one side of the aisle. at the church today, 50 people watched the president speak. when the president mentioned a path to citizenship, there was round of applause from the audience. the president's message of citizenship for people already here, family reuniting and the talk of a positive impact that immigration has on the economy
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were all well receive people acting in community together said that no one is looking for a free ride. >> i think earned citizenship, people are willing to pay fines for coming here. i -- families have said that to me personally. >> i talked with the pastor of our lady of guadelupe church, who was in the audience and he said that he thinks that immigration reform is imminent. i talked to the father this afternoon, and he said that the president was right to talk about the immigration in terms of the impact on business and the economy. i will share more with you coming up on nbc bay area news. >> chris, we will see you then. still ahead, against all odds, a soldier that survived losing four limbs on the battlefield, now this vet is using his experience to inspire others. >> also, this is a story that belongs to everyone. and it is so cool to be able to
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share this with everyone. >> a trip down memory lane ends with history being rewritten, what a woman found out about her family that could change the way we all remember a historic moment in california history. >> and good afternoon, i'm jeff, a bit of warming today, a lot of hazy sunshine, holding on to 59 right now, and temperatures will warm up the next couple of days. air quality will be starting to suffer, moderate levels in the north bay tomorrow. we will let you have know who will hit 70 in a few.
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>> we are following breaking news in san francisco, a possible break in a cold case that gripped the bay area almost 30 years ago, if you are here in the bay area in the mid 1980s. you will remember the case of kevin collins, he was a little boy that disappeared in san francisco, right now, sfpd have
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been looking for his remains ever since. right now the fbi and the sfpd, searching a house south of the panhandle near golden gate park. sources tell us today's investigation is related to the collins disappearance, they are serving a search warrant related to this case. he was just ten years old when he sdis appeared -- when he disappeared he would have been 39 years old. the bay area is building a stadium likely to host a super bowl of our own. and it's got a new plan and a partner that could make it the most technology advanced stadium in history. >> if and when the super bowl comes to the stadium being built in santa clare a, it will represent silicon valley technology. let's look at the progress as of this afternoon. not far away from where the stadium is being built. the headquarters, that has been chosen by the 49ers to wire the new stadium.
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and the goal is ambitioous, trying to make it as high tech as your looifring room. >> you go to having 30 or 40,000 people accessing the same application five seconds after it happens. they can see it right now, not ten minutes from now, but right now. >> keep in mind, the typical stadium is a frustrating place for people that want to use a mobile device during a game or concert. can they pull it off? we don't know, but we will see when the niners start to play in the new stadium in a year and a half. the niners say there were several companies bidding on the project. they will not name names but only saying that brocade got the contract. raj? >> thank you, stocks are inching to a all-time high, even though the economy is delicate.
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this week's 26 reports on housing, consumer confidence, gdp growth, manufacturing and jobs will shed light on how healthy the economy is. and yahoo shares jumping. >> be fast and be right. it's something that every news media outlet strives to do. but sometimes accuracy is the victim of speed. >> what you may not know though is that is not new. something that a bay area amateur discovered after looking into a tragedy from last century. >> raj, just a few years ago, clare learned her great, great, great grandfather was among those killed on san francisco bay in 1853 when the boiler aboard the steam ship jenny lynn exploded. she was determined to learn more about the piece of history. the fact that she added to
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everyone's history, well that makes tonight's bay area proud. it's amazing just what the internet age allows us to do. how else could clare warren from her home in the santa cruise mountains with a cat on her lap and a bird over her shoulder have spent the last three years krukting research into an event 160 years old. >> it's fragile, so -- >> the jenny lind disaster. on april 11th, 1853, the boiler, aboard the jenny lind, a steam ship going san francisco blew up. water and steam drenched the women, children, and first class passengers sitting down for lunch. 50 people died. >> some of them lingered for days and others for hours. >> the fact that one of the dead, john brad bury was her ancestor sparked her interest to learn more of the history. history she later discovered
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that was not always correct. >> it was raining on that particular day. >> rushed and incomplete reporting at the time of the disaster led to misconceptions about things such as where the accident happened. clare and fellow researches figure you had it to be just north of where the bridge is today. and she commissioned to be what she believes to be the only accurate drawing of what the steamboat looked like. but it was research into who was on board that didn't survive that most intrigued clare. documents, and graves at mission delores in san francisco and others around the country filled in the detail. >> it took quite a while before i really realized what i was on to. >> aboard the jenny lind was an impressive gathering of bay area elite. a group instrumental in the lobbying effort to make san jose, california's state
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capitol. all of them wiped out in a single day. sacramento was named the permanent capitol less than a year later. were it not for the explosion, with would california's capitol building now stand in the south bay? >> it's a possibility and certainly something to ponder. >> clare's research has led santa clare a county to put up a monument to the disaster this april, a reminder of the bay area's steamboat history and the one ship that may have changed bay area history. >> this is a story that belongs to everybody. >> that monday eument is going a place that was a hub of transportation for the south bay. it's going up in april, and of course, the 160th anniversary of the disaster. >> learned so much just now. thank you, garvin. >> let's bring in jeff, we will talk about the weather and any rain in our forecast here? >> well, eventually we are going
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to get a little bit in here coming that way in the seven-day forecast, but for right now in the immediate, radar picture showing no rain drops. the big story continues to be the gusty winds on the coast line, 15 to 35 miles an hour. and let's go to the other story. rare january sunshine, so strong, we are on sunset watch tonight across the san mateo bridge. you need the sunglasses for the next half hour with a powerful sun tonight. and gusty here at times, you know, the coast as we mentioned but we will have more stagnant conditions that will make the air quality a little bit worse. we are talking about the warming trend too, and what you need to get, a warming trend in january, as strong as we will see it, a massive area of high pressure. it's steering all the action up to alaska. we will continue under this dry, sunny and also hayes pattern, definitely, as we head throughout the next two days. in fact so mild, we were talking
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about maybe weather, you will get the shorts on as we go through the next couple of days. we head throughout thursday, with a spring warming trend. it will be concentrated across the santa cruz mountains. santa cruz 70, and los gatos 69, and half moon bay at 66 and saratoga could be close to the 70 degree mark as we go to the end of the work week. and we want to bring your attention to the chance here of severe weather tonight and also tomorrow morning. we know a lot of folks are going to new orleans, it looks like the severe weather risk is heightened to new orleans with scattered storms tonight and wednesday morning. looks like the highest zone of potential thunderstorms from 4:00 a.m. on wednesday and 9:00 a.m. for tomorrow. so definitely something that you want to keep an eye on if you are going that way. for wednesday, sunshine through the afternoon. mid 60s, and 65 in santa rosa and 62 in the alamed valley and
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gilroy expected to go up to 66 degrees. livermore with 59. and on your three-day forecast. sunny skies, wednesday, thursday and friday and then as we approach the up coming weekend, if you are throwing a party for the 49ers on sunday and you are outside with the football, you will be good to go between the commercial breaks. because we will have partly cloudy skies and mid 60s for super sunday. cloud cover monday and you asked about the showers increasing chances throughout monday and tuesday through next week, no large storm, but we may get some rain drops in here as we head throughout the early part of next week. >> okay, thank you. jeff. >> you are welcome. >> it's called the no work workout, get in shape in ten minutes vl. we will show you how next.
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amazing accomplishment for a team of doctors at john hopkins hospital in bamt more, a double
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armed transplant for a soldier that lost both of his arms. he was serving in iraq in 2009, when he was injured in a roadside blast. he said that he could live without legs but losing his arms was the hard part. a huge team of surgeons performed the transplant, they did six hours of hand therapy every day and full range of motion will be increasing over the years. >> no pain, no gain. right? but what if you could get in shape without sweating? goga, which stands forget on, get active. it throws your balance off a bit so your muscles contract, you get the same muscle contraction as if you worked out for an hour at the jim. the studios are opening across
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the country. >> interesting. a 49ers super bowl ticket scam. we are back in a moment.
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>> okay, be careful here, from mis fortune to good fortune, a woman from hayward is going to the super bowl. despite the scam. a man claimed to be selling fourp tickets for $5900. sharon osgood, texted him and wired him the money and spoke with him on the phone. when the fedex package arrived, there were no tickets inside, just a note saying enjoy the game and go ravens. now, tonight at 6:00, osgood
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explains how her sad story took a happy twist and guess what? her family is going to new orleans to cheer on the 49ers. how she is getting here. >> lesson learned, do not wire random strangers money. be careful. a lot of scammers out there right now. >> what goes around comes around in the case hopefully. >> we will have chilly whether up to the north bay with temperatures dropping to the mid and upper 30s. plenty of sunshine, wednesday, thursday and friday, with potentially a few 70s thursday and friday, right across the santa cruz mountains and any super bowl parties we will have weather and 60s. >> looks great, thank you, jeff. >> we hope to see you at 6:00 as well. >> good night.
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